Are you in control of your paintings?

Every so often in your career, you paint something 3 years beyond your ability. Those are the moments we live for as artists.

Would you like to know how to make those moments happen more often?

Would you like to strengthen the bridge between what your eyes see and what your hand paints?

The secret is in your understanding of value and color. Get them wrong and your painting will never look quite "right" to the collectors and the judges.

But if you master these languages, you will hold the keys to crafting art that accurately expresses the depths of nature.

Most importantly, you will love your work, because it will be a true expression of what you felt in the moment you selected the scene.

In this E-book I will teach you:

  • Why mastering value is the secret to creating art that sells (and how to acheive this in your studio)
  • How one simple breakthrough can change the way you interpret (and express) color forever.
  • How to overcome the illusions that lead us to bad paintings
  • A step-by-step process to paint realistic nature scenes without trial and error (packed with pictures and examples)

This e-book is currently selling on Amazon for $7.99. For a limited time on this page I'm offering it as a free download. Tell me where to send it, and it will arrive in your inbox within seconds of clicking the button!

Artist Willis Miller

“"Several years ago Tim and I sat on a bench in Lost Valley looking at a big rock on the other side of a stream. Tim said that rock color is affected by the environment around it. It is affected by where the sun is located, the color of the leaves on the trees, things on the ground and the sky. As the sun set that day, I saw for the first time the influence of the surroundings on that rock. The rock was no longer a brown rock but a changing colored shape influenced by its surroundings. A rock is not just a brown rock thanks to Tim. God’s creation is something to be appreciated but we need to slow down and observe for that to be. When we do that, we can have more awesome, peaceful and thankful times. Tim is a blessing to many." 

Willis Milsser, Published Author and Artist 

Fayetteville, AR

Gil Adams Artist

“"Over the past 40 years or so as an illustrator and graphic designer and now, as a painter, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with some very talented individuals. Now and then, I would meet artists who actually began their careers in other professions develop into award-winning artists because their desire to create became so strong. Tim Breaux is one of those unique individuals who fits into this category. On a personal note, Tim is one of those guys who is fun to be around and to be admired. Great sense of humor, encouraging to others, and family- centered.”  

Gil Adams, Graphic Artist and Painter, 

Tulsa, OK